Senin, Juli 05, 2010

Will You Buy iPad?

Has been widely reported that the launch of Apple's IPAD is disapointing at least. Not only the error-expected first-generation, or a strange name. No 16: 9 support, Flash support, multitasking, SD card slot, HDMI or supports high resolution video output, USB, GPS and the list continues. Also unique to AT & T and the complement 3 G wireless is $ 130 extra with a limit of 250 MB of data per month.

It's a joke that I can burn through the amount of data a day on the internet. I would say that eventually some of the missing features will come but seriously people, this is a work in progress. Do you want to buy one now knows that this is the first generation version complete with mistakes and all? I must be sure to buy the IPAD will be a better choice than a notebook.

What Apple has to do is not try to do this seems better than a laptop because I do not see how at this point is absolutely. The IPAD is a fantasy player news print, or a stuntman. This makes it ahead of its time. Tablet PC idea is not new, Microsoft has been working in one year. I just think that Apple would be more appropriate to try IPAD as something that can be used in schools can be used as a way to revolutionize the way we read our news every morning in the market. I'll stick with my laptop for now and see what happens with the IPAD before I spend a good piece of money in one. Let the bugs to get worked first.

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