Senin, Juli 12, 2010

iPhone 4 Problems on Reaction

Just a few hours after launching the iPhone in April and we can see new iPhone 4 wallpaper, has emptied the report users about the many problems that arise with Apple's new iPhone. A funny thing happened when the early adopters of the iPhone in April, holding the phone at his side - down from the bar, one by one, finally search services "." This is a second problem emerged since the launch of Apple iPhone in April, becoming the first yellow users who experience problems. You make a video and posted online publication that shows this problem. Soon after, hundreds of users have sent in a video that shows this problem and confirmed by the Board.

This issue will return to the design, defect, new iPhone 4. The antenna of the iPhone is designed to wrap around the edge of the end of the phone and in two parts, one G and one third antenna for WiFi. When one holds the phone with your fingertips and in an overlapping part of two antennas to create disturbances cause the phone loses reception and bar on the phone will drop to zero. When the phone is placed back on the table or held by the glass, receive a full crawl slowly. Apple has made no official response regarding this issue, however, stressed that this is a design error and the whole world through the same thing. Makes sense logically, why Apple will launch their own case, which happened to wrap around the iPhone antenna silver. Maybe it was too late to go back to the drawing board, because the production has been pushed too fast.

He allegedly sent an email to Apple about the problem and the solution was to hold the phone a different response. Then, it seems that Apple has openly admitted the iPhone design flaws and the antenna 4 which will be held mobile phones in a different way - to avoid the overlapping of the two antenna causing interference. This seems like a big problem for Apple because they expect users to establish and meet their design deficiencies rather than issuing remember to fix this problem, if possible even true.

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Anonim mengatakan...

Well, this is no great surprise. Apple's devices have always been unreliable. Have a look at this article and see what you make of it -

Maryo on 12 Juli 2010 22.20 mengatakan...

Okey..nice post...

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