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Google Buzz Want to beat Facebook and Twitter

Google released a new product, Google Buzz. This new service would rival the popularity of the estimated social networking site popular today, Facebook and Twitter.

Google Buzz allows users update status, share web links or photos with colleagues directly via e-mail service Google, Gmail. This feature is also compatible for Android based mobile devices. In fact there will be a special application Buzz for the Symbian operating system and Windows Mobile.

Indeed, technology similar to Google's Buzz-similar to a key feature in Facebook or Twitter. Google of course hopes that more and more users using Gmail and attract users Facebook and Twitter.

According to Google's Product Manager, Todd Jackson, Google Buzz will be enjoyed by all Gmail users. Currently, Gmail is the e-mail service popular world number three after Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

Many features of Google Buzz tempting potential Internet users. For example, published status messages are automatically indexed and available in real-time search results of Google. Content can be shared easily in a variety of Google's online products such as Picasa and YouTube.

Meanwhile, as reported by Reuters and quoted, Wednesday (10/2/2010), third-party content such as Twitter can be divided even though the user can not publish a message on Twitter. But unfortunately, Buzz could not display the messages coming from Facebook.

Google previously had tried to take part in social networking services, such as the networking site Orkut. Orkut failed to shine But if compared with Facebook. But who knew their luck will change with Google Buzz
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Takip Listem on 17 Februari 2010 02.59 mengatakan...

Gooogle Buzz can not beat Facebook..

m.g on 7 April 2010 06.20 mengatakan...

really u have a useful blog and i got more good topics in your blog... go ahead )


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