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Nokia X6 and X3, change your nokia lifestyle : )

Jakarta - In early 2010, the Nokia Indonesia will open launches new mobile phones through the Nokia X6 and X3. Both are types of music phones and is expected to attract public attention Indonesia.

Regina Hutama Poly, Corporate Communications Manager Nokia Indonesia said, X6 and X3 itself was introduced to the public in the Nokia World 2009 event which took place in Stutgart, Germany some time ago.

"But it was just an introduction, not yet launched. And in the new Indonesia will be launched in 1st quarter, around January to March," he said, which could not reveal the exact date to ITGazine, Thursday (14/1/2010).

Model has a slide, said X3 simpler type than the X6. While the X6 is a touch screen phone in some countries will feature "Comes With Music '. That is a service from Nokia that allows users to download songs for free for 12 months.

"After 12 months it was gone, the song that should be stored. We also are planning like that," said Regina.

The prices determined for both Nokia's musical hero, for X6 450 euros 415 euros while the X3. "This price does not include tax and subsidies for the sale of bundling with operators," he insists.
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