Kamis, Januari 14, 2010

Free Software anti virus from facebook

Good news for all Facebook users. Social networking site whose popularity is growing shining will share internet security software free of charge.

This is a collaboration between facebook and anti-virus company, McAfee. McAfee anti-virus will be available to all Facebook members across the world, numbering around 350 million people.

The whole Facebook users can get Internet Security Software from McAfee Suite provided free of charge for six months, and thereafter will get a special discount to subscribe. However, no mention of how many special discounts are offered.

Security software is available in McAfee's Facebook fan page. Besides Facebook McAfee also install software to identify the infected user's computer, and then suggest the user to clean the computer before proceeding to access Facebook.

"By embracing McAfee, we made a step forward to make the Internet safer and minimize the threats that may terrorize our services," said Elliot Schrage, Vice President of Global Communications, Marketing and Public Policy for Facebook, as quoted from Sfgate,.

Indeed the current social networking sites like Facebook vulnerable to become coveted 'ignorant hands' of the virtual dedemit, for example, to send a virus attack, or spam messages (junk messages).

Con artists also use Facebook's popularity to launch a phishing trap by making the user personal data.

Facebook announced, McAfee security software will be available initially for all members of Facebook in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. While for other countries will soon follow throughout the first quarter of this year.
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