Senin, Januari 04, 2010

Do you know, Domain name system ??

Hi all, hmm i confused really confused, about What i Have to write, When i confused i read a ensiklopedia encarta, and i think it's good for i share in my blog... ok i hope you like it friends... :)

Domain Name System (DNS)
, in computer communications, a method of translating Internet addresses so that computers connected in the Internet can find each other. A DNS server translates a numerical address assigned to a computer (such as into a sequence of words, and vice versa. A DNS name, written in lowercase letters with words separated by periods, takes the form of username@computer.zonename (for example: Username is the name or account number used to log on. The hostname (Whitehouse in the example above) is the name of the computer or Internet provider; it may consist of several parts. Zonename indicates the type of organization. Common zone names include com (commercial organization), edu (educational), gov (government), and net (networking organization). See also TCP/IP.
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komentar anda mengandung ribuan arti buat saya maka dari itu kritik dan sarannya ditunggu lewat komentar disini yaaaa.....

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