Jumat, Januari 01, 2010

And, I get my love... :)

before i write this post, i wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, I HOPE YOU HAPPY, BE THE BEST IN NEW YEAR :),..and i ask you to follow it cna training :-)

OK NOW i write about my love yesterday,
yesterday i ever write about "let me love you" but until i write that post iam not get yet my love, but noww...wowwww i get it,

it happen at night before new year 2010, i just talk with her with SMS, yeah like a couple but i and her dont be a couple, and in the morning 1 januari 2010 i get my love...she said like that "muh, i dont wanna say anything now, but now i feel loving you"

ahhh, iam spechless you know, i cant speak...OH MY GOD thanks A lot,..

mhh., i think it's enough to tell you about my love,
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