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Samsung Focus, New High Quality Phone

Inside you've a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and 8GB of flash storage. The screen is Samsung's well-loved Super AMOLED (the exact same you discover during the Galaxy S phones), and of course is capacitive multitouch. The device also has that Five megapixel camera with LED flash, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, including a GPS chip. We take in a little difficulty on the reality how the device only has 8GB of storage -- Samsung has boasted within the reality that in contrast to other WP7 devices, the Focus includes a microSD slot, but it doesn't exactly work as you'd expect.

One big gripe we now have on the Focus is its smaller internal storage capacity. In this day and age, limiting users to 8GB is just not enough. We filled the onboard flash with our very first sync, and we think others will have the exact same experience. Now weirdly, Samsung claims you may actually use the SD slot on this device (something no other OEM's are talking about -- a feature that Microsoft expressly told us would not happen). How that may be done, however, ends up like a bit of the mystery.

After some experimentation on Samsung Focus specs, we observed which you could indeed insert a card to the slot, totally wipe your device, and... voila! Additional space. We took our 8GB device to 22GB (well, additional like 20) relatively quickly. Why the rest from the Windows Phone devices don't have this feature is often a mystery to us. Of course, this can be a 1 way street -- you can not pop the card out without having wiping your device, so unless you desire to perform many restoring, get the biggest card it is possible to afford. A single other note, our friend Michael Gartenberg stated he have been obtaining issues right after adding a card -- we haven't witnessed any weird behavior, but we're not certain this really is entirely supported, either. We'll update if we see a thing funky happening.

In situation you will be wondering about any GPS difficulties with this device along the lines of complications individuals had been getting on the Galaxy S line, have no fear. Location services had been fast and accurate -- in particular after it came to mapping. Turn-by-turn worked as being a charm (see the software package alternative below), and Bing pulled up our location quickly and accurately.

Finally -- that display. The screen on the Focus stands out as the exact same Super AMOLED you've witnessed on all of the company's recent smartphones, and it does appear stunning. As with other OLED screens, we discover the colors being relatively oversaturated, but that doesn't necessarily detract within the crispness and clearness in the Focus' display. Text and images just pop like crazy here, and even after zooming close to or playing fast-paced games, the screen often looks tremendously sharp. Daylight viewing was relatively beneficial right here as well, even though it's not quite as bright as LCD competitors we've tested. We'd adore to determine Samsung work out the color balance issue, but there's practically nothing the following which is a deal breaker.

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