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Nokia N86 Popularity

8MP Nokia N86 black is a 3G phone, two-way controller that comes with eight gigabytes of internal memory and slot for expandable memory card that can support up to sixteen additional gigabyte of storage memory, microSD memory card. Besides a large memory that can offer their users, there are other features of the phone that makes this must have a cell phone. Here are the different features of the Nokia N86 Black 8MP: it comes with a GPS navigation system with AGPS function with compass and Nokia Maps, which can provide detailed instructions for users in different locations to avoid getting lost.

It also comes with a built in web browser that supports Wi-Fi WLAN technology to enable users to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Users will be able to create, send and receive simple text messages, multimedia messages, email and instant messaging. Support is also equipped with wireless email, text reader speech and predictive text tool to help users in their spelling and allows users to have an easier time in the income of their messages. This phone weighs only 949 grams and measures 103 mm in height and fifty one mm in width 16 mm. Nokia N86 Black 8MP come with a built in music player that can handle almost all types of music formats. Equipped with equalizer plug and 3.5 mm headphone jack. The phone also comes with a built in FM radio for users to listen to several radio stations.

This phone supports voice commands, voice dialing and voice recording, where users can use the recordings of your voice as your ringtone. Nokia N86 Black 8MP come with Bluetooth connectivity and USB connectivity for users to share files to a compatible device. It also comes with eight-megapixel camera can produce good quality pictures and video. Samsung Omnia HD [http://www.bestdealsmobile.co.uk/mobiledeals.asp?id=samsungi8910omniahd] is a popular mobile phones available in the United Kingdom is the latest mobile phone. Faith Hill is a consultant on search engine marketing for cheap mobile phone contracts UK.

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