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Samsung Champ Review

Champ mobile phone from Samsung is the touch-screen phone with some useful features offered for the right price. It plans to begin in places like Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East in June. This handset is aimed primarily at young people who want to use new creative ways to use their mobile phones. Design of this phone is super compact and stylish. Comfortable grip and characteristic curves are available on this phone. It is available in several attractive colors chic white, black espresso, chocolate and sweet dark Rosa. The touch screen is very large, with approximately 2.4 "in size format designed to be a simple menu .. touch screen capabilities that are suitable for sending SMS, enjoy video games and download Java applications The touch screen is equipped with a color difference image interesting and full of spirit.

Energy from the battery on this phone can be stored for a long time, so users can enjoy multimedia installation for a long time wherever they go. Facilities Bluetooth, SD card with a small memory capacity of 8 GB in conjunction with the tour and the headphone adapter is also included. SOS Alert is one of the major features of the phone. When mobile phone users from Samsung Champ is in trouble, this is a warning mechanism in place to seek help. To send an SMS message from the SOS, the delete button, you press the C should be four times after locking the keypad. This activity will send SMS to almost ten numbers selected by the user directly. This SMS will provide a warning message to the recipient and sender of the message indicates that desperately need assistance. When receiving calls from mobile phones will soon be receiving Champ answer calls and forward messages to users and help them get the right support.

Samsung Champ also provides telephone services in the phone book is useful to be able to store about 1000 calls in relation to the installation of photo call. In the phone memory is about 30 MB that can be expanded with micro SD card. MP3 and MP4 player is capable of accepting and supporting different file formats. The loudspeaker is equipped with stereo speakers. FM stereo radio equipped with RDS and type, allowing mobile users to listen to various radio stations. Also included are other exciting entertainment such as games and social networks. This phone is very light to drive with a weight of only 80grams. Installation mobile crawlers are offered on this phone helps users to easily find their phone when lost or stolen. Facilities Administration area allows you to download the desired ringtone, games and pictures on the wall. Long messages can be sent containing up to 480 characters by using this device.

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