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National and local newspapers not like news repost around the world face a more radical restructuring in history, the value that can be folded as advertisers migrate to online advertising. Injury has caused hundreds of journalists who have been invited to clean their desks. Falling circulation and higher production costs that made things worse as an increasing number of readers save time and money by reading your favorite online newspaper.

Very little news content is now collected by reporters, most of what we read is reporting authorities and local courts for free download. Many reviews advertising and editorial products. Why pay when you can fill reporter advertisers? Another threat to traditional reporting generated by the journalist community, denigrates who offer their services in exchange for the opportunity to lead collection. Few doubt the benefits of online newspapers compared with print. Daily online edition of the average so much information and advertising, resulting in workers can not hope to bring the cart, whether it will print. Internet is not career-threatening nature of journalism is changing. They also learn to adapt.

News organizations are still profitable, but the owners have seen the writing on the wall. As a High Street retailer morph shopping online newspaper industry knew that the street vendors and distributed newspapers bedroom, subsidized by profit online, typewriters kept in the dark. Dilemma facing the industry is the best way to take advantage of the browser to access their online editions. Printing and distribution costs crippling news print edition, an online copy of the relatively low cost. Online newspapers do not have problems of space and time does not matter. This news immediately and rolled to a 24 / 7. However, in a competitive market driven by click online news media rely on the more challenging and investigative reporter, columnist and analyst event.

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