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Nicolas Anelka Short Biography

Nicolas Anelka was born on March 14, 1979 in Versailles. This is a French soccer player, whose role in the field as a striker. For the French national team, he is an ordinary house. Carlo Ancelotti Anelka is described as a fast player with good air capability, performance, shooting, ball movement. At club level playing Nicolas Anelka to Chelsea. Anelka developing excellence as a productive goal scorer for Arsenal and has taken part in many big clubs in Europe. And also find out why Nicolas Anelka expelled from France squad in the June.

Some clubs that he has never Kingdom including Paris Saint-Germain in the year 1996-1997, and 2000-2002 1997-1999 Arsenal, Real Madrid, 1999-2000, Liverpool in 2002 and the city of Manchester in 2002-2005. After he played for Fenerbah├že and then Chelsea. Nicolas Anelka has been a lot of participating international wins and gets international honors for his initials to the French squad at Euro 2000. The following year he won the Confederations Cup with the team. Failure Anelka to stay at club level restricted international appearances, but returned to the national team from Euro 2008 competition.

However, Anelka is a football player and exceptional won many awards and prizes. Some of honor with clubs including Arsenal (FA Premier League 1997-98 FA Cup: 1998 FA Charity Shield: 1998), Real Madrid (Champions League: 2000), Paris Saint-Germain (Intertoto Cup: 2001), Fenerbah├že (Turkey: 2004 - 05) and Chelsea (Cup: 2009, FA Community Shield: 2009). To honor the French team Euro: 2000 FIFA Confederations Cup in 2001. And several individual awards were achieved Premier League players month (February 1998, November 2008), PFA team this year (1999, 2009), Barclays Golden Boot (2008-09), PFA young player of the year (1999) and the FA Cup top scorer top (2009).

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