Sabtu, Januari 16, 2010

bad software sneak in the android market

Android as a phone that will be estimated exploused in the phone market, Android therefore now become a new target of cyber criminals. Shop online who offer support Android applications have infiltrated even the evil software.

According to data owned by Information Week, Google has dumped about 1% of the applications in the Android market last year. It removed the application that smelled mostly bawdy, so that the user or complain about copyright infringement.

However two of these applications are malicious applications that can infiltrate a user's financial information. Dangerous is not it?

Well, this threat had feared would be intensified. Especially now as a sort of momentum due to the spiraling Android market has so many mobile application developers to create software that runs on Google's platform is.

Google also urged to be more aware of the circulation of Android applications on the market. If not, this will only lead to mistrust of the user's line of Android applications.
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