Selasa, Januari 26, 2010

ACER ready to attack

Fierce competition among vendors of personal computers (PCs) worldwide, making producers inevitably have to do a different strategy. This is immediately done tersebutlah Taiwanese vendor, Acer.

The second largest computer company in the world that will do 'attack' to the extreme to capture more market share fat. Among these are, in the third quarter Acer is rumored to be the first brand in the world who released Chrome OS-based notebook.

It was widely heard, Google will soon release a Chrome OS v1.0 in the near future. Besides instilling the web-based OS, this notebook will be strengthened with the ARM chip model. Unfortunately, Acer did not want to do detailed specifications announcement until June.

Chrome notebook only OS? Wait a minute, Acer still has one of the other moves. Rumors, Acer are interested to produce 6-inch tablet, which they call the e-Reader. It seems, Acer smell the popularity of e-Reader, which will increase this to 2010. So the Legal quoted from Engadget, Tuesday (26/1/2010).

Besides the e-Reader, Acer was in the process for making tablets. This is the answer to counterbalance Apple's Acer, which soon will release iSlate
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very nice infooo

makasih yaaaa

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