Jumat, Agustus 28, 2009

Breakfast or lunch ?

It was Sunday. I never get up early on Sundays. I sometimes stay in bed until luch time. Last Sunday I got up very late. I looked out of the window. It was dark outside ‘what a day!’ I thought. ‘it’s raining again.’ Just then, the telephone rang. It was my aunt lucy. ‘I’ve just arrived by train,’ she said. I’m coming to see you.’
‘but I’m still having breakfast,’ I said.
‘what are you doing ?’ she asked.
‘I’m having breakfast,’I repeated
‘dear me,’she said. ‘do you always get upso late? It’s one o’clock !’
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komentar anda mengandung ribuan arti buat saya maka dari itu kritik dan sarannya ditunggu lewat komentar disini yaaaa.....

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